Goodbye! I'm Being Reincarnated!, Volume 1

The dreams of every high school boy: To have beautiful women fighting over him. The nightmare of every high school boy: Beautiful women trying to kill him? Yuya Kamigasaki is a normal female-form-loving high school boy, until the day that two beautiful princesses come to his world to tell him he’s the hero of theirs. The trouble? Those princess are on opposite sides, and one is doing everything in her power to keep the other from “reincarnating” him by force! Yuya Kamigasaki is living the life any high-school boy would dream of: he’s got a house to himself, classes he can sleep through, and a childhood friend next door who grew into a total babe. But when an otherworldly princess with looks to die for shows up in his room and asks him to become the hero that will save her people, how can a guy refuse? That is, until he realizes she’s asked him to get reincarnated, and plans to send him through the great cycle of death and rebirth herself!

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"Welcome to Phatulia... Great Hero." Ange, princess from another world, has come to Earth to "reincarnate" hapless teen Yuya, so he can become the hero he's destined to be. Unfortunately, the...

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It's the Great Hero (and the monsters that back him up) versus the princess of another world! With Ange on the offensive, the final battle is about to kick off....