GTO: 14 Days in Shonan, Volume 6

In the sixth volume of 14 Days in Shonan, Onizuka has to step out of the White Swan orphanage to attempt to change the entire culture of the Shonan youth scene. The White Swan appears to be heading in the right direction, however there is an outside source that is influencing the home in a negative way. This is a group of youths that is intent on waging war against adults. They feel that the adult world is what is wrong with their lives and they refuse to play by their rules.

Together these teens have created a group called the Oedipus Club. The Oedipus Club is an unusual gang that actively hunts down ignorant or weak-willed adults often blackmailing them or setting them up for insignificant assualt charges. Given that the "crimes" are alleged by youths the adult suspects are often treated as child abusers and occassionally sex offenders often damaging their lives forever.

The GTO must take on this gang and break them up before they destroy the White Swan. It is a race for their survival...keep the club going or save the White Swan from being burned to the ground!

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