GTO: 14 Days in Shonan, Volume 8

Learning comes alive when your teacher is part outlaw, and from the imagination of acclaimed manga author Tooru Fujisawa biker-turned-educator Eikichi Onizuka (aka GTO--Great Teacher Onizuka) has become one of the most exciting, engaging, and poignant protagonists in the world of graphic novels (and onscreen as well). The sequel to the groundbreaking manga Great Teacher Onizuka takes its title character back to his hometown, the rough, tough surfer's heaven of Shonan, which the teacher finds in desperate need of educational reform. Onizuka and the kids from the White Swan Youth Home participate in the local Flugtag event. Although his methods are unorthodox, the benefits to his students are undeniable, and over his holiday in Shonan, GTO is going to teach them some lessons they--and the reader--will never forget.