GTO: 14 Days in Shonan, Volume 9

When your teacher is a former biker who hasn't fully abandoned his outlaw ways, learning experiences and life experiences go hand in hand. The return of Eikichi Onizuka--Great Teacher Onizuka--to his surfside hometown continues in this second act of 14 Days in Shonan. One of the sequels to the groundbreaking manga Great Teacher Onizuka calls the title character back to find chaos and corruption, with the kids of the White Swan Youth Home at risk amid the conflict. Menaced by the town's mayor, Onizuka is going to have to teach this power-hungry man a lesson he'll never forget, taking back his town and protecting the kids of his community. And if he has to resort to some lawbreaking tricks to scare some sense into him, that's a course he is more than willing teach.