GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, Volume 12

So the class gears up for the trip to Okinawa - swim trunks unfurl, swimsuits cling and Onizuka gives his class the time of their lives...especially when he decides to make the rooms coed, much to the chagrin of...well, everyone. He shacks up Anko and her cronies with Noboru Yoshikawa, who is beset by that wicked coven. Urumi, in turn, bunks with a collection of Gundam geeks, who then salivate over the closest female thing they've encountered since the womb. But things really get stirred up when Kikuchi stumbles across a legend of hidden treasure... This content is from a former localization of this work and may contain phrases or scenes which were and are still offensive. Rather than omit this content, we have decided to present it in its original form to harbor conversation and growth among the community. Kodansha remains committed to the distribution of compelling stories worldwide, which serve as a lens through which we may view various communities.