GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, Volume 13

Hungry for treasure, Onizuka forces his class to dig around an island under the pretense that they are searching for turtle eggs. Before too long, Urumi figures out Onizuka's real intentions and takes appropriate measures to stop his Midas fever. And when she gets lost alone with Noboru, Anko Uehara, the bully of Class Four, begins to feel the pangs of love. Is it love? We'll see when they spend the night together. Ah, ribaldry. And if Onizuka plays cupid, sparks may fly. And if Azusa gets drunk enough...sparks will fly. This content is from a former localization of this work and may contain phrases or scenes which were and are still offensive. Rather than omit this content, we have decided to present it in its original form to harbor conversation and growth among the community. Kodansha remains committed to the distribution of compelling stories worldwide, which serve as a lens through which we may view various communities.

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