GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, Volume 14

Back from Okinawa, and changed for the better, Class Four revels in their experience...Well, all save Miyabi who, abandoned by the rest of Class Four, single-handedly continues the mission to oust Onizuka from Holy Forest. And she's pulling out the heavy artillery... a very special student with a winning smile, a charming manner and a criminal genius. Mayu just also happens to be the grandson of Chairwoman Sakurai. What will Onizuka do when he doesn't have the support of his most faithful advocate to grease his way through trouble? This content is from a former localization of this work and may contain phrases or scenes which were and are still offensive. Rather than omit this content, we have decided to present it in its original form to harbor conversation and growth among the community. Kodansha remains committed to the distribution of compelling stories worldwide, which serve as a lens through which we may view various communities.