GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, Volume 7

Onizuka stuns the academic world by getting first place in the national exams. And the media turns him into a local hero for saving the life of a councilman's daughter. Mr. Teshigawara's plan to get Onizuka sacked backfired, reducing the highly educated Todai graduate into a nervous wreck… and his class is paying the price. Also unhappy with Onizuka's impending permanence, Miyabi hatches another plot against Onizuka by inviting back to the school Urumi Kanzaki, an infamous classroom terrorist, probably the most formidable foe Onizuka has yet faced. This content is from a former localization of this work and may contain phrases or scenes which were and are still offensive. Rather than omit this content, we have decided to present it in its original form to harbor conversation and growth among the community. Kodansha remains committed to the distribution of compelling stories worldwide, which serve as a lens through which we may view various communities.