GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, Volume 9

Jealousy runs rampant at Holy Forest - Ms. Fuyutsuki suffers at the sharp end of scorn from the girls in her class because of all the attention she gets from the boys in her class; and Kunio worries about getting Onizuka as a stepfather when his mother becomes enamored with weddings; but Kunio himself might have a secret admirer. Of course, where there is youth, there is blackmail, and Mr. Sakurai gets the sharp end of that when he is caught looking up skirts on the train… and gets goaded into a plot to destroy Onizuka. This content is from a former localization of this work and may contain phrases or scenes which were and are still offensive. Rather than omit this content, we have decided to present it in its original form to harbor conversation and growth among the community. Kodansha remains committed to the distribution of compelling stories worldwide, which serve as a lens through which we may view various communities.