GTO Paradise Lost, Volume 10

Gunning for Onizuka's head, hitman Kagetora Tendo infiltrates Class G disguised as a teacher. Though his head was on the chopping block after flashing his tattoos to the students, Onizuka uses one of his "tricks" to save Kagetora's bacon in the nick of time. However, the yakuza make it clear that want Onizuka dead ... now. Torn between duty and debt, Kagetora steels himself to whack his savior. And so, the stage shifts to the southern island paradise of Ishigaki. As the curtain falls on the tumultous tattooed trixter teacher arc, what will become of Kagetora?! And with one chapter in the books, a new one begins, featuring a high school actress!

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Ever since she started going to these "Elite Club" parties thrown by second-gen stars, Hitomi Tani practically transformed overnight, bleaching her hair and throwing money around like nobody's business. Worried...

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Get ready for the biggest shock of the series… will Onizuka and Nana-chan finally do the deed?! Nana is kidnapped by Araragi and his men, but uses the situation to...

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