GTO Paradise Lost, Volume 11

Ever since she started going to these "Elite Club" parties thrown by second-gen stars, Hitomi Tani practically transformed overnight, bleaching her hair and throwing money around like nobody's business. Worried that she might be getting in over her head, Detective Onizuka takes it on himself to get to the bottom of things. With the Elite Club arc wrapped up, a new chapter begins, featuring a famous actor's son, and his woes of growing up in a home with a playboy father.

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Eikichi Onizuka's reign in the celebrity homeroom class continues, this time with help from the insatiable Jo Kirishima, a.k.a. Animal Jo!

Most Recent Volume: GTO Paradise Lost, Volume 18

Get ready for the biggest shock of the series… will Onizuka and Nana-chan finally do the deed?! Nana is kidnapped by Araragi and his men, but uses the situation to...

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