cover for GTO Paradise Lost, 14

GTO Paradise Lost, Volume 14

Kodama-sensei’s mysterious past is revealed while in another universe, Onizuka puts his life on the line in a prison death match. The peeping tom scandal that rocked Class G comes to an unexpected conclusion… while Kodama-sensei’s gravure idol past comes to light! Meanwhile, Onizuka confronts another would-be assassin acting on the warden’s secret orders!

cover for GTO Paradise Lost, 15

Next Volume: GTO Paradise Lost, Volume 15

Welcome to the Wangan Death Match! As hardened criminals put their lives on the line, Onizuka finds himself in a tight spot! Onizuka finds himself participating in the Wangan Death Match...

Most Recent Volume: GTO Paradise Lost, Volume 18

Get ready for the biggest shock of the series… will Onizuka and Nana-chan finally do the deed?! Nana is kidnapped by Araragi and his men, but uses the situation to her...

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