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GTO Paradise Lost, Volume 15

Welcome to the Wangan Death Match! As hardened criminals put their lives on the line, Onizuka finds himself in a tight spot!

Onizuka finds himself participating in the Wangan Death Match tournament that pits Wangan Prison's toughest inmates against each other in a brutal bloodbath. In the first round, he's up against the Behemoth, who once knocked Onizuka out with a single blow and who's been ordered by the warden to finish him off for good…

This volume's special feature, The Daily Abnormal of the Uchiyamada Family sees the assistant director fighting a different kind of battle… against a mysterious virus! Will he be able to save his beloved daughter Yoshiko from the terrifying disease?!

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Inmate Onizuka is out for revenge—with his new friends, he'll pay the warden back 1000 fold for his crimes! After clearing round one of the Wangan Death match tournament that...

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