Guilty, Volume 1

Affection, betrayal, desperation—love between grown-ups is never a rational thing. Sayaka, age 35, has lived with the perfect husband for ten years. Perfect, that is, except for his disinterest in raising a child—she wants one badly, but just can't come clean to him about it. Instead she unloads her frustrations on her younger friend Rui at their favorite bar. They trust each other enough to talk about almost anything—but Rui has a secret she can't even let Sayaka know about!

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Love, betrayal, and desperation amid the irrational world of adulthood ... 35-year-old Sayaka has lived with her husband Kazuma for a decade. She wants a child, but Kazuma has refused—in...

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Rui now has nowhere else to go…so she goes to Sayaka's family home! Now, at long last, her true mission is revealed—and when the dust settles, who will be the...

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