Guilty, Volume 3

35-year-old Sayaka has lived with her husband Kazuma for a decade. She wants a child, but Kazuma has refused—in no small part because he's cheating on her with her friend Rui! Even as a chance encounter with an old flame reignites her own heart, Sayaka still has deep feelings for her husband ... but when she witnesses Kazuma's infidelity for herself (and Rui changes her spots around her for good), how will a newly humiliated Sayaka respond?!

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Sayaka has discovered that her husband Kazuma's cheating on her with her friend Rui—and even worse, Kazuma has secretly fathered a child with a third woman. It's too much to...

Most Recent Volume: Guilty, Volume 10

Rui now has nowhere else to go…so she goes to Sayaka's family home! Now, at long last, her true mission is revealed—and when the dust settles, who will be the...

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