Guilty, Volume 5

Sayaka has discovered the truth—not only did her husband Kazuma have an affair with her friend Rui, he also hid a child he fathered in a previous marriage from her. Searching for the truth about Rui, Sayaka decides to square things once and for all with Kazuma. But what are the shocking facts Kazuma has to reveal—and where will the diabolical Rui strike next?

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Sayaka's husband not only cheated on her with her friend Rui; he even fathered a child with another woman. But when a battered Sayaka rebounds and finally strikes back against...

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After Terashima pushes her off the stairway, Rui falls into a coma. Her injuries lead to amnesia, and she winds up moving back into Akiyama's house. Seeing the suddenly sweet...

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