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Harem Marriage, Volume 10

"""Please... Set me free.""
A Christmas miracle is cut short when Madoka serves Ryunosuke with divorce papers. He refuses to take them, but Madoka won't back down. Can Ryunosuke--and the Date family as a whole--find an answer to this impending tragedy?"

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"""You see, Miku... Your mommy's a powerful witch."" Kita-Tsubame, the only city in Japan where polygamy (a.k.a. Harem Marriage) is legalized, is hosting a Harem Marrython! Ryu has his eye...

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Madoka's on a mission to destroy the Date family, but she'll have to get through Koharu first! Tempers flare, and words fly like knives. Yet one scathing comment from Madoka...

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