cover for Harem Marriage, 12

Harem Marriage, Volume 12

"""I will always love you...""
Urara is in love with the wrong person: her homeroom teacher, a married man. As if that weren't hard enough, now her dad is pushing her into an arranged marriage! Just when Urara is wavering between her commitment to the family farm and her secret feelings for her teacher, the Date Three step in to get the couple some quality alone time... That's the night that Urara graduates from girlhood!"

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Yuzu has big news for her husband Ryunosuke and her sister-wife, Koharu: she's pregnant! Koharu is excited to welcome the newest addition to the family, but Yuzu, tellingly, seems less...

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Madoka's on a mission to destroy the Date family, but she'll have to get through Koharu first! Tempers flare, and words fly like knives. Yet one scathing comment from Madoka...

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