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Harem Marriage, Volume 13

Yuzu has big news for her husband Ryunosuke and her sister-wife, Koharu: she's pregnant! Koharu is excited to welcome the newest addition to the family, but Yuzu, tellingly, seems less than thrilled. Just as Koharu's suspicions begin to rise, Yuzu's brother, Hassaku, pays a visit to the Date family home, hinting that his sister might soon ask for a divorce. The reason lies in a trip down memory lane into Yuzu's past, well before she met Ryunosuke... And the answers therein could save the Date family just as surely as shatter it.

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"""I'll leave the family."" Yuzu, the first wife of the Date family, is pregnant, and it's anyone's guess who the father could be. Confused and distraught, she flees home and...

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Madoka's on a mission to destroy the Date family, but she'll have to get through Koharu first! Tempers flare, and words fly like knives. Yet one scathing comment from Madoka...

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