Harem Marriage, Volume 17

A storm is brewing in the Date family! It's been three years since the birth of little Rinnosuke. These days, daddy Ryunosuke, who is now a famous pianist, is almost always out of town for work. When Koharu suddenly hears rumors of a spicy scandal between her husband and a trashy idol, she's furious! What's the real story? Is he two-timing the family, or is he just the latest victim of the tabloids?

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Years ago, Madoka's struggle with infertility and her single-minded desire for Ryunosuke drove her to leave the Date family. Fast-forward to the present day, where Ryunosuke has invited her to...

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Madoka's on a mission to destroy the Date family, but she'll have to get through Koharu first! Tempers flare, and words fly like knives. Yet one scathing comment from Madoka...

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