Harem Marriage, Volume 3

In Japan's only city where harem marriage is legal, Koharu just signed up to be wife number three to local pervert and low-key sadist, Ryunosuke Date. One night, unable to stand the cries of passion coming from her next-door neighbors, Koharu bursts out of the house and encounters wife number two, Madoka. The two are having a passionate exchange of their own when Ryunosuke steps in, declaring that one of them deserves to be punished! With a pervy husband and two bullying sister-wives to live with, will Koharu ever find marital bliss?!

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Meet Koharu, Mrs. Date number three! Provoked by her husband's constant needling, Koharu rises to the occasion and uncharacteristically bursts into the bath with him, where (surprising no one), Ryunosuke...

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Madoka's on a mission to destroy the Date family, but she'll have to get through Koharu first! Tempers flare, and words fly like knives. Yet one scathing comment from Madoka...

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