cover for Harem Marriage, 4

Harem Marriage, Volume 4

Meet Koharu, Mrs. Date number three! Provoked by her husband's constant needling, Koharu rises to the occasion and uncharacteristically bursts into the bath with him, where (surprising no one), Ryunosuke wastes no time calling her for her self-serving attitude. When a sudden revelation about their shared past together exposes Koharu to her husband's deranged definition of devotion, she finally makes up her mind to ditch the family for good!

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In Japan's only city where polygamy is legal, Koharu is now wife number three to Ryunosuke Date. When Koharu finally reaches the end of her rope in their marriage, she...

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"""You see, Miku... Your mommy's a powerful witch."" Kita-Tsubame, the only city in Japan where polygamy (a.k.a. Harem Marriage) is legalized, is hosting a Harem Marrython! Ryu has his eye...

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