cover for His Extra-Large, Ever-So-Lovely..., 2

His Extra-Large, Ever-So-Lovely..., Volume 2

Back in university, Yamamoto met Kobayashi, who was cursed with the fate of virginity, despite being such a hottie, because of his anaconda-sized dick. Taking pity on him, Yamamoto offered to solve the issue himself, and Kobayashi successfully rid himself of his virginity.

Things happen, and after three years of dating, they graduate from university. Kobayashi has decided to go back home to Mie to help out at the family sake brewery. Meanwhile, Yamamoto has made up his mind to train in the birthplace of Japanese sake, Nara, in order to become a fully-fledged brewer so he can contribute at the Kobayashi brewery. Now, after a year-long distance relationship, Yamamoto is finished his training, and finally gets to work at the Kobayashi brewery just like he wanted, so the pair can be together all the time, but...