Hop Step Sing!, Volume 1

Shy Niina Nijikawa loves to sing, but hates to perform—the thought of an audience scares her speechless—which leaves her dreams of being an idol dead in the water. But when a classmate introduces her to the world of VR, her world opens up...and she finds that becoming an idol—a VR idol—is within her reach after all!

Next Volume: Hop Step Sing!, Volume 2

With her leap to the world of VR, Niina has finally found a place where she can truly be herself while singing--and it's rapidly changing her high-school life! Along with...

cover for Hop Step Sing!, 3

Most Recent Volume: Hop Step Sing!, Volume 3

After Hop Step Sing! wraps up its bathhouse concert in Kita-shinagawa with a bang, Niina, Shikiri, and Mikasa are prepared to hit the big time...but between a surprising new rivals...