Hotaru's Way, Volume 7

Hotaru may have tried a little too hard back in Hokkaido and scared Makoto away ... but then Buchou's apartment floods, and he moves back in with Hotaru for a few short weeks. He shows Hotaru a side of himself she's never seen before, and she's flustered at first ... but soon enough, her spirits lift, and she's ready to tackle the marriage problem with renewed vigor! But all of her hinting flies right over Makoto's head, and things go in some pretty strange directions. What's it going to take to get him to propose already?!

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Hotaru may have dodged a bullet after Makoto and Buchou's close encounter, but now that Makoto's beginning to get serious about marriage, Hotaru realizes there can't be any secrets between...

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They called her a himono—an unmarriageable woman, freeze-dried and set aside. But some things just need time to age, like a fine wine…and five years after calling off her marriage...

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