House of the Sun, Volume 10

“There are so many things to think about. Why did I run here in the first place ... It’ll be just a little longer. Then we can meet face to face. Just like he did for me ...”

Daiki finally makes a serious confession to Mao. “I’ve liked you ever since we were children.” Mao is confused and, in a reversal, runs back to her family’s home. However, her stepmother’s kindness only reminds her of the generosity of Hiro and Daiki ... But if everyone’s kind, then maybe everyone can begin to slowly find a path through these inescapable feelings ... ?!

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I understand, really. Being together is very important. Words are secondary to that. This isn’t the end, this is a new beginning. Our wishes will surely be granted. The Motomiya...

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“I finally said it.” Mao and Hiro finally got another chance to go on a date together, but Mao is so self-conscious, she just can’t say it. Hiro gently meets...

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