House of the Sun, Volume 4

"As long as we're under the same roof, we're family…but I'll never be his real little sister. I know that…I know I'm the fool here for staying silent. But maybe…just maybe…"
Hiro's little brother, Daiki, is home for summer break, and Mao's taken a part-time job at a restaurant—without letting Hiro know. But by sheer coincidence, Hiro and Radical choose to stop at that very restaurant for a drink…! As Mao's thoughts run wild with envy and worry, fate conspires to bring the three of them together!

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After her father gets remarried, Mao feels like she no longer has a home and ends up moving in with Hiro, her childhood friend. Mao falls in love with Hiro,...

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“I finally said it.” Mao and Hiro finally got another chance to go on a date together, but Mao is so self-conscious, she just can’t say it. Hiro gently meets...

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