House of the Sun, Volume 7

"I haven’t forgotten. The dream lifestyle in his home with his family doesn’t include me ... I have my own future to look forward to. But still ... I don’t know how to put it into words."

“I’m sorry that I made you feel that way.”

Daiki’s come home and Hiro’s dream is one step closer. Mao is invited to her little sister’s birthday party. How does her second trip back home go? Have each of these people who have trouble moving forward with their feelings finally come to understand ... ?!

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"There are so many things I’ve wanted in this house. So I’ve been under the illusion that I belong here." Hiro and Radical-san take off for their work retreat. While...

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“I finally said it.” Mao and Hiro finally got another chance to go on a date together, but Mao is so self-conscious, she just can’t say it. Hiro gently meets...

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