House of the Sun, Volume 9

Mao’s been out of it since Hiro kissed her out of the blue without ever revealing his true feelings. She tries to dampen her expectations and just continue on with her everyday life, making her longest trip home to date. At the same time, Chi-chan has resolved to open back up and state her feelings for Oda-kun yet again. What does Daiki, her supporter, think about that ... ?! The love triangle at the Nakamura home is starting to really heat up! 

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“There are so many things to think about. Why did I run here in the first place ... It’ll be just a little longer. Then we can meet face to...

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“I finally said it.” Mao and Hiro finally got another chance to go on a date together, but Mao is so self-conscious, she just can’t say it. Hiro gently meets...

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