cover for Hozuki's Coolheadedness, 5

Hozuki's Coolheadedness, Volume 5

The Jizo is an avatar of King Enma? There's a special hell for sending an elephant on a drunken rampage?! Learn these and other veritably useless Hell trivia in this eventful edition! We've got a goldfish plant pageant, a day in the life of Shiro, a look into Hell management, and much more! And what's this? It turns out Hozuki is actually King Enma's second aide?!

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What in the world is Hozuki doing when he visit the mortal realm? How do Hell's ogres feel about Setsubun? Is it just me, or do a lot of ogres...

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They're adorable twin girls who love to play pranks, but with expressionless faces and scary eyes much like Hozuki! Having lost their home in the mortal realm, these zashiki-warashi have...

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