I Want To Hold Aono-kun So Badly I Could Die, Volume 7

“Why didn’t I read this amazing comic before?!” “It’s so heartrending, scary, and entertaining… It turns me into an emotional wreck…” “I’ve never read a comic so scary. I regret reading it at night…” etc. Get ready for the seventh volume of the horror / forbidden love story making huge waves on social media! When the three children—Hiroto, Nozomi, and Yuina—are overwhelmed by strange phenomena and driven to Mt. Kagachi because they performed the Yotsukubi-sama ritual, Yuri, Aono, and Fujimoto follow them. If they don’t get them off the mountain before the ritual ends at sunrise, the children will die, but a mysterious procession appears, and Hiroto jumps into the basin of the waterfall. Yuri and Aono follow him into the water…but they come out in an impossible future where they’re living together happily! This volume contains the tumultuous chapters 33 and 34, which left the readers’ hearts in shambles during the original magazine run, leading them to say things like “I’m so happy for them, but I’m bawling my eyes out,” “The tears won’t stop,” and “Someone just let these two be happy!” Yuri and Aono press on, despite all their worries, pain, and struggles… The Yotsukubi-sama Arc, which will move you with their pure love, reaches its tempestuous climax!!

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