cover for I Want to Hold Aono-Kun So Badly I Could Die, 8

I Want To Hold Aono-kun So Badly I Could Die, Volume 8

“Why didn't I read this amazing comic before?!” “It's so heartrending, scary, and entertaining… It turns me into an emotional wreck…” “I want these two to have a happy ending~!!” “I've never read a comic so scary. I regret reading it at night…” etc. You won't want to miss the eighth volume of the horror / forbidden love story that's the talk of social media! Our heroes' summer of being toyed with by Yotsukubi-sama ends, taking them into a new school term. Yuri's white hair and red eyes scare her classmates, leading them to keep their distance when jobs for the culture festival are being assigned. Meanwhile, Fujimoto starts wanting to steal Yuri for himself, while Aono feels conflicted while watching this. The three's relationship grows ever more complicated… And at long last, the mysterious female ghost comes for Yuri and friends!! The terror and passion deepen as the new “Incarnation” arc begins!!