I Want To Hold Aono-kun So Badly I Could Die, Volume 9

One living, one dead. These two, from separate worlds, reach out to one another. It’s so bittersweet, so scary, so endearing that it leaves your heart in tatters, but you can’t not read it! Social media is in a tizzy over this series! The one and only…ultimate horror love story!! After being caught up in paranormal phenomena at school, Yuri and friends encounter the ghost of Aono’s mother. They infer that the person who made a contract with her is Aono’s brother, Teppei. Teppei admits that he made the contract, but he doesn’t know about the Yotsukubi-sama ritual, so his story sounds suspicious… While investigating further, Mio stumbles upon a terrifying legend! The final chapter, “The Incarnation Arc” picks up even more steam!!

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