I'm Standing on a Million Lives, Volume 2

The ultra-practical third-year in junior high, Yusuke Yotsuya, is still stuck in this alternate universe where his next quest is to “transport cargo.” While on the journey, he and his party rescue a platoon of soldiers being attacked by monsters who join them on their way. However, the soldiers, who hail from a military power, had actually been on their own journey to publicly execute supposed heretics in their custody?including a child! As if this political dissent and religious conflict weren’t enough to contend with, Yotsuya and the gang then find themselves trapped in the dungeon of an ancient cavern. Yotsuya’s a far cry from the “ideal hero” in this world, so what secret plan will he concoct to get them out!?

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"We'll bring the Deokk soldiers to the pit of despair and kill them!" The ever-calculating Yotsuya carries out a very non-Heroic revenge for his friends—but when the truth about the...

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It's the wizened sage Ozu (actually a Dragon Bishop) against Fatina, the beautiful and mysterious sorceress! But as Round 2 of this epic battle between high-powered magicians kicks off, Futashige...

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