I'm Standing on a Million Lives, Volume 7

The race is on to infiltrate the drug cartels! At the battle arena, Yotsuya scores an audience with a top cartel boss--but when a bomb rips through the stadium, events start unfolding fast. Three of the Heroes decide to split up and dig into each of the conflict's three sides...but compared to the experienced Glenda and the guilelessly charming Torii, Yotsuya's deep-seated misanthropy gives him a serious disadvantage! Will his solution--a crash course in critical thinking and ethics--bring order to the chaos in Ihar-Nemore?

Next Volume: I'm Standing on a Million Lives, Volume 8

Yotsuya has been captured -- but Glenda, leading a three-pronged resistance, steps up for a daring counterattack! Occupying Mount Sancielo, the heart of drug cultivation in the area, she smiles...

Most Recent Volume: I'm Standing on a Million Lives, Volume 13

It's the wizened sage Ozu (actually a Dragon Bishop) against Fatina, the beautiful and mysterious sorceress! But as Round 2 of this epic battle between high-powered magicians kicks off, Futashige...

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