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In/Spectre, Volume 14


Kotoko’s recollection of a case she solved with Rikka demonstrates how capable they both are, and how difficult of a match it would be should they find themselves on opposing sides. In the present day, Kurô begrudgingly assists Kotoko in her duties of mediating and investigating spectre-related incidents. One such case involves the resentful ghost of a giraffe, and a very familiar face…

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THE KIRIN’S CURSE A deadly incident in the mountains claims the lives of three victims and leaves one fighting for his life. As Kotoko and Kurô prepare to investigate the...

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A DESPERATE COUNTERATTACK Kotoko teeters on the edge of defeat after having unearthed Rikka’s plan to make the spectres lose faith in her as their Goddess of Wisdom, but there...

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