Kakafukaka, Volume 8

Taichi and Aki begin to try to get closer together, but Taichi is reluctant to let down the walls he's cultivated around his heart. Always calculating, and afraid of intimate contact, Taichi tests Aki ... but will it be taken the right way? Meanwhile, Aki finally confronts Hongyo. Can she control the situation, or will things weave herself into an even more complex web?

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Aki finally decides she's through dating a man she can't read, so she tells Hongyo she's leaving them for a man who makes it perfectly clear just how much he...

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Most Recent Volume: Kakafukaka, Volume 12

Aki realizes all over again that she still has feelings for Hongyo and breaks up with Hase. She wants to confront Hongyo, but can’t think how…until it occurs to her...

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