Kamikamikaeshi, Volume 1

The new fantasy manga from Ema Toyama, creator of the shojo hits Missions of Love and Aoba-kun's ConfessionsYou see, there are kamisama, a deity, in her hair. A Shinto ritual called kamigamigaeshi allows kamisama to rest in a girl's hair to heal themselves ... One day, Mashiro, who has been confined in a small room, meets Hinokagu, a kamisama who had been sealed inside her hair ... ?! Super Kamigami Fantasy!!

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Next Volume: Kamikamikaeshi, Volume 2

An imprisoned shrine maiden, Mashiro is responsible for performing a Shinto ritual called Kamigamigaeshi. She runs away to be free, but Midori, a kamikirishi and her pursuer from the main...

Most Recent Volume: Kamikamikaeshi, Volume 8

Final volume! The kami who appears from the Black Miko’s hair turns out to be Hinokagu’s mother, Izanami! The doors to Yomi no kuni open up and swallow the kami...