Kamikamikaeshi, Volume 4

Hayate is on the verge of death as he breaks a Pinky Swear Note contract. The only way to save Hayate is to find Yata no gamai. Will Mashiro be successful? Meanwhile, the main Kamitsuka family prepares to realize their long‐cherished wish, the ritual by the Black Miko ...

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Is the supreme kami, Amaterasu in the enemy's hands? As Mashiro becomes anxious trying to stop the Kamitsuka family's plot, a mysterious young man with a raccoon-dog mask appears. He...

Most Recent Volume: Kamikamikaeshi, Volume 8

Final volume! The kami who appears from the Black Miko’s hair turns out to be Hinokagu’s mother, Izanami! The doors to Yomi no kuni open up and swallow the kami...