Kira-kun Today, Volume 1

For one short year, haplessly awkward, cockatiel-toting Nino has to keep watch over class joker and nextdoor neighbor, Kira-kun. Can Kira-kun—who harbors a terrible secret—find it in himself to open up and learn something new from Nino, or will she be consumed by his world? Two fates intertwine to become the "closest love to Heaven."

Next Volume: Kira-kun Today, Volume 2

Nino and Yabe for one reason or another team up to tail Kira-kun ... ! But it looks like Nino's in for more than she bargained for, when she accidentally...

Most Recent Volume: Kira-kun Today, Volume 9

Last volume! Kira-kun's heart stopped! Fear becomes reality for Nino, and she has no choice but to face things as they are. How will she handle the news ... and...

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