Kira-kun Today, Volume 2

Nino and Yabe for one reason or another team up to tail Kira-kun ... ! But it looks like Nino's in for more than she bargained for, when she accidentally finds him with someone in the Nurse's office?! Will Nino still want to stay by Kira-kun's side even after learning more about his past ... ? Only time will tell in this "closest love to Heaven."

Next Volume: Kira-kun Today, Volume 3

Nino begins to realize that she likes Kira more than she thought! Will her feelings boil over into first love, pushing Kira-kun away from her? And is Yabe just jealous...

Most Recent Volume: Kira-kun Today, Volume 9

Last volume! Kira-kun's heart stopped! Fear becomes reality for Nino, and she has no choice but to face things as they are. How will she handle the news ... and...

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