Knight of the Ice, Volume 6

Thanks to a magical last-minute kiss with Chitose, Kokoro defends his title as Japan’s National Champion, and afterward, the two of them meet up for a short date to work out their relationship issues. Just as the couple gets a moment to catch their breath, Team Kokoro sets off for both the Four Continents Championships and Worlds. But instead of being focused on the ice, Kokoro’s focus is on Louis and Kyle…after he catches them in an intimate moment! Meanwhile, Chitose finds herself still worried over Kokoro’s rumored fiancée… With all these new developments, will the Japanese skaters still be able to secure enough points to guarantee Japan’s entry into the Olympics?

cover for Knight of the Ice, 7

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The Olympics are drawing closer, and as Team Kijinami redoubles their efforts, Kokoro’s rivals are making their own preparations. Meanwhile, changes are afoot in everyone’s love lives. When Chitose’s heart...

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THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING With barely more than a month to go before the Olympics, Kokoro finally bites the bullet and gets surgery on his ankle. Now, he wants...

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