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Kounodori 19

On the 38th week of her pregnancy, Kazama’s baby is born with neonatal asphyxia—and on the 26th week of hers, Ide’s child is born extremely premature. They’re admitted into the NICU at the same time, and neonatologist Dr. Shirakawa is assigned to Kazama’s baby. Believing it to be a case of persistent hypertension, Dr. Shirakawa begins treatment anew...but progress is slow, and soon he finds himself hitting a wall.

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Next Volume: Kounodori: Dr. Stork, Volume 20

The director of Persona General Hospital has wheedled Dr. Kounotori into lecturing at a nearby university. The subject: "Vertically transmitted infections," such as CMV or toxoplasma, which mothers can give...

Most Recent Volume: Kounodori: Dr. Stork, Volume 25

The owner of the gay bar Baby made his professional debut in reveals to Sakura that he might be a father soon, just as a lesbian couple visits his ward...

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