Kounodori: Dr. Stork, Volume 12

During pregnancy, a woman's blood volume rises to 1.5 times its normal levels so she can supply her fetus with blood. That means increased blood pressure ... and with it, the potential for complications. And as we learn in the story "Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension," women with high blood pressure, or who have a tendency to gain weight, need to be especially careful. This volume also contains the stories "Allergies" and "Transfer."

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When Emi Kurasaki was a resident, Doctors Shinomiya and Kounotori reluctantly took her under their wing. Now, in the story "Breech Presentation," she joins the maternity ward at Persona Catholic...

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The owner of the gay bar Baby made his professional debut in reveals to Sakura that he might be a father soon, just as a lesbian couple visits his ward...

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