Kounodori: Dr. Stork, Volume 2

Childbirth isn't an illness, so under normal circumstances, insurance won't cover it. Delivery staff doesn't cure disease or treat injuries, so there's no need for a doctor...unless, of course, circumstances aren't normal. This smash-hit drama gives a look into the lives of the men and women who work to welcome 1,000,000 new lives into the world each year in Japan. Includes four arcs: Teen Pregnancy, Anencephaly, Caul Child and Maternal Smoking.

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Volume 3 of the hit medical drama featured in newspapers and magazines and on TV all over Japan! Features four gripping stories: "Maternal Smoking," "Overseas Delivery," "Natural and Ceasarean Births," and...

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The owner of the gay bar Baby made his professional debut in reveals to Sakura that he might be a father soon, just as a lesbian couple visits his ward...

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