Kounodori: Dr. Stork, Volume 9

"Residency" tells the story of Goro Akanishi, a young man who’s serving his second year of residency under Dr. Kounotori and his colleagues. He happens upon a pregnant woman who’s just had a heart attack and uses a nearby AED to resuscitate her. She’s rushed to Persona Catholic Hospital hanging on by a thread, but as soon as she arrives, she has another heart attack! There’s only one way to save her life now—and all the staff of Persona work as one to bring her back from the brink! Also includes "Influenza" and "Due Date."

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Yamazaki-san's in her thirty-eighth week of pregnancy, but due to a heart condition, she'll require an epidural—a procedure for which hospitals in Japan are neither equipped nor staffed. Unfortunately, just...

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The administrators of Persona Catholic Hospital send Dr. Goro to a remote island all alone for short-term residency at a rural hospital. He's a born city boy, but now he's...

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