Liar X Liar, Volume 3

While trying on her friend’s old high school uniform and pretending to be someone else, the 20-year-old Minato Takatsuki unwittingly attracts the affections of her younger stepbrother, Toru, and decides to go out with him for a while! However, she ends that relationship in order to get together with her crush, Karasuma-kun. But now, for the sake of Toru’s depression, Minato once again ... ?!

Next Volume: Liar X Liar, Volume 4

Hoping to get Toru to like her as a sister, Minato breaks up with her crush, Karasuma-kun, and gives it her best shot with Toru, but … ? How scandalous!...

Most Recent Volume: Liar X Liar, Volume 10

Final volume! Minato and Toru have finally come clean to not only each other, but those around them! With only the truth remaining, their family and friends come forward to...

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