Living-Room Matsunaga-san, Volume 4

For Meeko, boarding house life has finally become second nature, and her feelings for Matsunaga-san, a professional designer and the eldest at the boarding house, grow stronger with each passing day. Summer break begins, and Meeko gets a part time job to prepare for Matsunaga-san's birthday, only to find out that one of her coworkers is Ryo-kun! With Ryo-kun and everyone else's help, Meeko's party preparations are a huge success ... and could the stakes possibly get any higher than when Matsunaga-san invites her to his room ... ?! Presenting Volume 4 of this adrenaline-pumping boarding-house love story!

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It seems no amount of secret ardor can get Matsunaga-san to return Meeko's feelings, but the summer brings with it a fresh wave of shocking developments. An unfortunate coincidence convinces...

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"Right now, I have family, I have friends, I got someone who loves me. But..." Meeko's finally discovered that her feelings for her designer housemate Matsunaga are mutual! They won't...

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