Cover for Living-Room Matsunaga-san, Volume 9

Living-Room Matsunaga-san, Volume 9


Meeko’s wildest dreams have finally come true—not only has she confessed her feelings to Matsunaga-san, but to her surprise, Matsunaga-san admits that the feeling is mutual…! With Meeko still in high school, and both of them living under the same roof, the two decide to refrain from dating until after Meeko graduates. While Meeko can’t wait for them to officially become a couple, just being able to live with Matsunaga-san and see him every day is enough to leave her floating on air… that is, until Matsunaga-san announces he’s moving out of the boarding house!

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MOVING HOUSE Matsunaga-san may have moved out of the boarding house, but instead of dwelling on the fact that they’re no longer living together, Meeko’s looking forward to what’s in...

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Meeko, a high schooler living in a boarding house, is finally in a full relationship with Matsunaga, an older designer. But then Matsunaga leaves the house after taking on a...

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