Love and Lies, Volume 10

After Nisaka’s confession, Yukari attempts to put his feelings into words to try and salvage any remnants of their fraying friendship... But that's not the only relationship of his that’s toeing the delicate line between friends and lovers. As Yukari discovers the truth that Misaki has been hiding from him all this time, he will have to make a choice—between the path chosen for him, and the feelings of love he's been committed to. But is he willing to risk everything and make the choice he absolutely shouldn’t…?

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WHAT WE DO FOR LOVE Shuu can no longer deny her feelings for Yajima. How will Yajima respond to this sudden turn of events, especially since he has only just...

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FOLLOW YOUR HEART The boy Misaki loves has been partnered with another girl. Having made a deal with the government to protect him, she has no choice but to stay...

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